Coaching Sports Psychology


TENNFIT’S principal Tennis and Fitness Coach, John Thompson has created a very close relationship with Sam Albassit who operates SPEC (Sports Performance Enhancement Consultants).

What John is trying to do is give everyone he Coaches or Trains every opportunity to BE the best they can possibly be by providing all the necessary tools.

Sports psychology is a major part in any young and inspiring tennis players Development. To become a better Tennis player these days take more than just hitting 1000's of balls it’s a whole package of things, Work ethic, Fitness, Court knowledge, Footwork, Desire, Mental strength etc and this is just one of the pieces that may help in your development as a tennis player, Sam can help put plans and programs in place to help with all of the Mental side of the game and more.

It is a tool that can be very useful in

·         Pre match routines

·         Controlling nerves

·         Confidence and re-focusing techniques

·         Self confidence and personal development skills

·         Stress and time management skills

Communication skills

·         Improving group and team communication skills

·         Conflict resolution and assertiveness training

·         Improving Athletes/coach communication

·         Body language for peak performance

·         Public speaking skills

Health and well being

·         Improve sleep patterns

·         Understanding the psychology of poor dietary habits

·         Weight Management

·         Strategies for improving rehabilitation program process and outcome

·         Increase confidence and returning from injury

·         Career transition

·         Over training and burnout.

All of these programs plus many more are what Sam and his team from SPEC can help you with.

John and Sam are looking to run some team work shops for any player wishing to get involved, it may just help you get to that next level of play you are looking for, or get the edge over your next opponent.

For more details on how you can get involved please send me an email from my Contact Page, or for info on work shops look at the up coming events info section on the home page of this site.

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