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About Tennfit:

Tennfit is all about Tennis and Fitness. Both the tennis and fitness disciplines are presented in a highly professional, passionate and interesting way, so as to achieve maximum results while at the same time, creating an environment of enjoyment and fun for tennis and fitness students. A very high standard and a contagious work ethic are just two facets of the exceptional tennis and fitness training programs designed and provided by Tennfit's designer John Thompson.

John's pure passion, motivation and desire for Tennis and Ftness is behind his relentless drive to give the best possible opportunities to each and every person he coaches for tennis or trains for fitness. Please, take the opportunity, using our navigation links at left, to find if there is any area in which he may be able to assist. John's Fitness programs are designed for anyone willing to work hard at getting to their tennis fitness goal. Anyone from the professional athlete in any sport to the 'every day' person looking to improve their health and fitness.

If you have any enquiries about anything on our website please go to the Contact Page and send your enquiry. We will get back to you ASAP.

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