Coaching Fitness


John runs Tennis specific fitness session for any keen tennis player.

Sessions include:

  • Dynamic Warm ups

  • Flexibility

  • Core Development

  • Power                                                                            

  • Strength

  • Agility

  • Overall Conditioning                                

As a Tennis player being a better athlete is a huge advantage. 

Dynamic Warm up

As an athlete your warm up should be the first consideration, if your warm up is poor then the chances of a poor performance increase, the purpose of a dynamic warm up is to prepare the Muscles and nervous system for the up coming stresses of competition.

You should be sweating after your warm up, performing static stretching alone is not a warm up, static stretching should be done in your cool down, to much static stretching can dull the nervous system, the nervous system controls your muscle contractions, if the nervous system is not sharp then your muscle contractions may not be as fast. So remember do a warm up that involves movement.


Flexibility is a key component to any Fitness program as it increases your range of motion.

Core Development

Your core is the central point of your body, which includes your lower back, Abs and hips.

Almost all movement is started or transferred through the core. So we need the core to function as a link between the upper and lower body with muscle coordination, strength and stability.


Power is the time required to exert force over a given distance. The exertion of force at a high speed.

All players would love to produce more power on any of there strokes or have a quicker first step. In order to develop maximum force to the ball you need to train the whole body to develop maximum force to each shot you want to produce. Power training is done to recruit more muscle fibres that are not normally used. The more muscle fibres you recruit to perform a movement, the faster that movement can be performed.


Physical strength is the ability a person has to exert force on an object using muscles. Increase of physical strength is the goal of any good tennis player by having a good strength training program.


Agility is the ability to change the bodies position, and it requires a combination of  balance, speed, coordination, strength and reflexes. Agility is usually achieved when the athlete is using the ATP-PC energy systems.

In sports agility is described in terms of response to an opposing player, moving target, as seen in racquet and field sports.

Anyone who would like to maximise his or her fitness please don't hesitate to call John to arrange a fitness session or to get a program sorted for yourself.

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