Coaching Weekly Schedule

Weekly Squad Training Schedule


Monday Night Junior Training Squad

6pm till 7.30pm Cost $25 per session

Wednesday Afternoon Junior Squad

4.30pm till 6pm held on the Clay courts Cost $25 per session

All squads consist of intense Drill sessions, Match Play, Fitness sessions, Point construction etc

Private Tennis Lessons

Private tennis lessons are available for all ages and abilities. Tennis lesson sessions are designed to improve stroke patterns, footwork, shot selection, point construction, rally patterns etc. Private tennis lessons can be tailored to the individuals specific needs.

Semi Private Tennis Lessons

Semi private tennis lessons are available for two people of any age or ability to share. It's a great way to receive detailed attention to you tennis game and at the same time have some tennis fun with a friend or family member PLUS reduce the cost of private tennis lessons for two.

Elite Tennis Program

Our Elite Tennis Coaching Program is conducted on Saturdays on red clay courts from 3pm till 5pm. two hours of interval training sessions with intense drilling, hitting and point play. In between each interval is some gut busting fitness training.

Tennis Tournament Planning

Planning an individual's tennis tournament schedule is crucial to any up and coming player. We can plan appropriate tennis tournament scheduling and then tailor a training regime to suit the individual with consideration to their specific needs.

Match Evaluation

Tennis Match evaluation is a key area to allow development of your match play and point construction. We will personally analyse matches and give relevant stats and feedback from a specially designed, 'state of the art' computer program.

Overseas Training

John enjoys a great relationship with John Newcombe's Tennis Ranch in Texas, USA. Past experience with up and coming young players for whom John has arranged training and accompanied to the Ranch, has been nothing but an unqualified success. John will organise several trips each year to the Ranch with a chance to play in some USA Junior tennis tournaments as well as a visit to an American College.

USA College Scholarships

Coming soon

Junior Tennis Programs

Junior tennis programs are conducted on Mondays from 6pm till 7.30pm. A ninety minute workout for players aged 8 - 12 who are willing to work hard and are aspiring to improve their tennis and fitness level The program focuses on footwork, controlled rallying, point construction, court awareness in order to achieve an 'all court game'. Plus an intense fitness program, which will help any keen young tennis hopeful to find out what they are made of.

Adult Tennis Programs

Adult Private Coaching and Group lessons are Available from 6am till 8pm

Corporate Tennis

For any business that would like to have a 'staff bonding' night or day, we can organise a great tennis 'bonding' experience for all concerned. The experience can be tailored from a very intense drill session to very sociable hitting and friendly match play or any combination you wish.

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